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Although a dog lover from birth my interest in Standard Poodles began in 2002 when my eleven year old son, Christopher, decided he would like to take handling classes and began working with Bonnie Fletcher of Darien Standard Poodles.

Bonnie kindly allowed Christopher to work with one of her puppies; a five month old female called McKenzie.  The two interacted well and within a few weeks Bonnie suggested that we take McKenzie home to live with us and that I enter into a co-ownership agreement with her.  Unfortunately, as McKenzie matured, her bite changed and she did not qualify as a conformation dog.  However, she did start training for obedience and her half sister Brenna (Darien's On Raven's Wings)  came to live with us (also in a co-ownership agreement); with the understanding that we would work towards her American Championship.

By this time I had gotten to know Bonnie well and had gone to a number of dog shows with her.  Although Christopher had been the instigator I was the one becoming hooked on the world of showing and breeding Standard Poodles.

As my interest was peeking I decided in June of 2003 to attend the largest Poodle Show in our country "The Poodle Club of America"; and it was there I saw my first Apricot Standard, Winston (Lumiere's Ray of Light), owned by Natalie Lasanen of Lumiere Standard Poodles.

In chatting with Natalie about the color and watching Winston it became very clear to me that I wanted my future with poodles to be with Apricot and Red Standards.

On returning home I chose a kennel name Bella Standards and began to further my education about the color and the breed.

Over the past four years I have continued my relationship with Natalie and have met and learned from other breeders particularly Terry Farley of Farley's D Standards, who has been a wealth of information and encouragement to me.

In the summer of 2004 I asked Natalie if she would consider placing an apricot or red show puppy with me and she entrusted me with Nadia a stunning light apricot girl.

In 2005 a move to Florida caused me to put my breeding and showing plans on hold while adjusting; and helping my family adjust to a new State and community.  With that behind us I can now concentrate my efforts on obtaining championships for my girls and producing healthy, sound Apricot and Red Standards not only to enhance the gene pool, but to add delight as companion, obedience and show dogs to their prospective owners.

My plans for 2007 are to breed into Lumiere's lines with my girl Brenna.                                                                                            

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